I am sorry!

7:34 AM

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting the last couple of days, it has been crazy at my house. My dad hurt his back and is having trouble getting around, I am still not feeling well (not sure what I have), and some missionary friends of ours came to stay they weekend. As you can see I was busy.

Yesterday, I stayed home from church with one of the missionary kids who is very shy and very tired of going from church to church. It makes me very thankful that there are families that are willing to go out of their comfort zones to spread the gospel all around the world. What would we do without them?

Today, I am planning on trying to get caught up on some scrapbooking, sewing and some yahoo group stuff that I haven’t done for the past three days (sorry). What are all of you up to today?

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  1. Today, I am just trying to go through and check my e-mail and blog stuff. The internet has been down for half the morning and so I am now trying to get caught up in case it goes down again. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    God Bless!

  2. Hi Sarah! Wow, you have been busy. How kind of you to stay home with the little kid. I have been very busy also! My little brother was born Sunday morning at 5:25 am! He's was an early riser!LOL.=) It was so sweet to watch a life come into this world so fast!
    ~Miss Hannah~