Another Day

9:09 AM

I had hoped to post pictures of completed doll dresses to show today, but I didn’t finish a single one. I worked on a couple, but I got really tired so I didn’t finish even one.

Thank you all for your prayers; I am feeling better and I didn’t run a fever yesterday. Praise God! I know that some of you are not feeling well either, and I am keeping you in my prayers.

We are taking a trip into town today, and if the word 'trip' sounds like an exaggeration, it takes us half an hour to get to the nearest town of any real size. It seems to take most of the day when ver we go into town, but I like living out in the country.

Sorry that this post is so short; I need to get ready to go.

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  1. Your doll dresses sound neat. I can't wait to see them ;) And I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I'm almost over this nasty cold, so I'm doing much better, also ;)

    LOL, I live in the country, too. We have a small town about....ummm...30 minutes away, but all it has it a post office, bank, small hospital, and a few mini grocery stores. We have to drive an hour away whenever we shop. It's an all day thing for us, too. Have fun on your 'trip'! ;)

  2. It can be very annoying when you want to do a project and you can't seem to finish it. I had that happen to me this week. I am trying to finish up a composition notebook that I am covering for my devotions and I just can't seem to find the right stuff that I want to put on it. Then I had a bad day yesterday and didn't get to work on it at all. I am hoping to be able to finish it today though. I am glad you are feeling better! =:)


  3. Hi Sarah! I just gave you an award ;) Check out my blog for details.


  4. Hey Sarah!
    I awarded you a whole bunch of awards over at my blog! come and check them out!