Big Dreams and Crazy People

9:15 AM

From the time I was very young, I have had a fascination with all things space. I loved to go out at night and have my dad point out the constellations in the night sky, and try to remember where they were the next night. I loved (and still do) to read books on the planets and galaxies and the space probes that had been sent to look at them.

Yesterday, we watched a documentary on Space Ship One; the first ever spaceship that was funded and built by a private company and was flown by a private citizen. It was so neat to watch a guy with a big dream, that everyone said was impossible, design, build and fly a spacecraft without the help of any government. He had the help of young people just out of college, men who had never finished high school, and people that try things that most people with a great education would laugh at.

You know, it made me think of our own Christen lives. We sometimes look like crazy people to the rest of the world. We trust and put our hope in something that we cannot see, and we make friends with people with little to no education, people who have made big mistakes in their past, and we welcome (at least we should) the people that the world has given up on.

We are a group that does not need or want the help of any government to reach our high goal, the goal that many think impossible, and that is to live our lives to honor and glorify Christ.

I hope that made sense. Have a great day!

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