Yezmin Fisher; A Short Story

9:27 AM

Jessica has a feature over on her blog call “Writing on Weekends” where she gives a prompt, and then you write a story, and post it to your blog. This is my story, I hope you enjoy it.

Yezmin Fisher looked at the seaport that her ship was approaching. She strained her eyes to see the face that she had come so far to see. The wind played with her long, dark hair, pulling it across her young yet very mature face. The boat crossed the wake of another ship that had passed a few moments before, sending a spray of salty water at her, but Yezmin didn’t mind. She had lived near the sea all her life and had spent hours with her papa on his fishing boat.

A tear slid down Yezmin’s face as she thought of her papa, who had worked so hard to support her and her sickly mama for all those years, yet never quite having enough. The bills from the doctors that had tried so hard to save Mama had been large, and Papa never was able to pay them all back in his lifetime; he worked himself to death trying.

Yezmin’s papa died when she was only fifteen, and with no other siblings or other close relatives, she was left totally alone in the world. The people that her papa owed money to took the house and everything that Yezmin and her parents had owned to settle the debt, leaving her homeless. That is when Tom came into her life.

Tom had found her huddled outside the inn that they were staying in. Tom was an American but his mother and father had emigrated from Sweden before he was born. He could understand Yezmin perfectly as she poured out to him her sad story. Tom’s father was in Sweden for several months conducting business, and Tom convinced his father to have Yezmin stay with them, to keep house for them while they were there in exchange for her food and a warm place to sleep.

When it had come time for Tom to go home he helped her find a place to work. The night he was to leave, he took her on a walk.

“I’m coming back for you,” he promised and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. “You are the most wonderful girl I ever met, and I wish I didn’t have to leave you, but I don’t have the money for your passage now. Trust God, and know that I will send for you as soon as I get the money.

Yezmin looked toward the shore again and looked for Tom’s dear face. They were close enough to see the people on the shore and Yezmin was afraid. It had been over a year since she had last seen him, and she was afraid that she wouldn’t recognize him. Then she saw him, standing on a pile of luggage trying to get her attention. He had seen her and she waved wildly at him. She was almost there! Soon she would be at Tom’s side and there was nothing but death that could separate them again.

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  1. First, before saying anything... I just wanted to point out that in Paragraph 3 in the third line from the top, the word quit is wrong. It should be spelled "Quite"

    quit= to stop. "I am quitting!"

    Quiet= the opposite of loud. "Katie, be quiet!"

    Quite= fine/good/well. "Thank you, I am quite well."

    also emigrated should be spelled Immigrated. (this can be found in the fifth paragraph at the end of line two.)

    (just to let you know, I counted your introduction at the top as a paragraph.)

    Now, moving on... That was great! I want to know what happens next! Is it true that now only death will separate them or will they be separated again? Will they be married right away or has Tom already found someone else and she must now move on into her new life with Tom as a friend only?

    Great Job!


    I only corrected because you said you wanted us to. LOL!

  2. I loved it! ;) Great job, Sarah!

  3. Hey sweetie!
    This was really well done.... it shows a LOT of promise!(: All your practice is paying off. Keep up the hard work!

  4. Great story! Are we going to hear the rest? I hope so!