It’s Raining!!!!

9:54 AM

Good morning everyone! It is raining here! Yes, water falling out of the sky is a good thing, I found out. It does not necessarily mean that we need to start building an ark : ) It has been eighteen months since we had any rain for any real amount and last night we got an inch, Praise the Lord!

What else is going on? It is cold! I think you bloggers up north sent this cold front just so I could sympathize with you. It is only going to get up into the forties today! Oh well, that will give me a good excuse to curl up with a book and not do much. I hate the cold!

Tomorrow, I am going to make an announcement which has to do with the message board that I have talked about starting. So please come back and check it out.

I have some work that needs to get done, so I have to go. See you tomorrow!

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  1. What a great God!
    I prayed that you would get rain, just this morning after my devotions! I am so glad that you guys got some!

    God Bless!
    (though I can see he already has! Praise God!)


  2. Hey Sarah! Glad you got some rain! =:) Yeah! Oh yes, we DID send you the cold weather, so there! No, just kidding! =:) It's still cold up here in the north too! Brrr! =:) I can't wait for spring! I can't wait to see you surprise message boards thing! Neat! =:)


  3. Yay! Rain! ;) Wow, 18 months without much rain? I think it's probably about time Texas got some rain then! LOL. It's raining here, too. A lot. But hey, Spring here is filled with lots of rain, so I'm OK with that ;)