Tales of Taelis

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writing Saturday

Writing Saturday: When a Writer Cries

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Where Faith Takes You

Relitive Moralisam

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Where Faith Takes You

Courage: It's not what people think

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Adventure Between the Pages

Half-Blood blog Tour!

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Changing Destiny: Where God has me right now

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Happy Almost 4th of July

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Adventure Between the Pages

Cover Reveal: Water Princess, Fire Prince

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Adventure Between the Pages

Creighton Hill Blog Tour: Historical Research for Fantasy Worldbuilding

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Writing Saturday: Continuing Destiny

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Uxmal: The History of the Ancient Mayan City
4 of 5 stars
While not the best formatted ebook, not an exhaustive history, I really enjoyed this little book. It was a bit of history, with lots of pictures and interesting facts. I look forward to reading more in this series.
tagged: 2015-reads, on-my-kindle, free-on-kindle, and mayan
Losers Like Us: Redefining Discipleship after Epic Failure
0 of 5 stars
I am not going to be to harsh in this review because I didn't finish the book. I got to the chapter of bigotry and I deleted it from my Kindle? Simply put, I think that the author was unbiblical in much of what he said. The book felt lik...
tagged: did-not-finish and walk-of-faith
Joseph of Arimathea: A Tale of the Resurrection
0 of 5 stars
I wrote this story in one day after a conversation with my mom. It is a what if story. What if Joseph of Arimathea was the rich young ruler and was on the road to Emmaus.
tagged: books-i-wrote
Becoming Nikki
5 of 5 stars
Full review coming soon (and it will probably be a long review since I loved this book so much!)
tagged: 2015-reads, received-for-review, on-my-kindle, homeschool-author, a...
5 of 5 stars
Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for romance Best for Ages: 15 and up for romance Since I really enjoyed Duty, I jumped at the chance to review Honor. After all, I love how Rachel writes her romances. Yes, maybe there is a little more pre...
tagged: 2015-reads, received-for-review, homeschool-author, and on-my-kindle