Writing Saturday; Encouragement for the Writers

6:20 PM

Sometimes, we don’t need a tip or suggestion on how and what to write. Sometimes, what we really need is just a word of encouragement. We want and need to know that there are others out there, rooting for us and working toward the same goal. I know that many of you are working on writing a novel, like I am, and sometimes you get tired and discouraged. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been that way, so today is strictly going to be a Writing Saturday to encourage each other.

What is the one thing that discourages you the most when you are writing? For me, it is the feeling that I am not writing well. I can’t tell you how many times that I have been writing, and I want what I am writing to have a certain sound or feel to it, and I just can’t get it the way I want it. When this happens I often just pound my way through it and go back and fix it later.

Are there any words of encouragement that you would like to share with your fellow writers?

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  1. Good post, Sarah, and I agree...sometimes advice isn't what we need...it's the encouragement we need to push ourselves farther along in our writing. Like yesterday, I was so frustrated with my writing, and a thumbs up would have been much appreciated. LOL.

    Hmm....the main thing in my writing that make me discouraged? Well, a lot of times I just feel like my writing is totally worthless, boring, awful, etc. Or I just loose interest in the project. I'm sure other writer's have felt the same before ;0

    The best thing for me is to start rereading my novel, and eventually I get excited about it again. Then I make myself write, even if what I'm typing doesn't sound good to me. I can always edit later ;)


  2. Hello Sarah!
    I absolutely love writing, but like you I go through periods where I can't seem to get my thoughts the way I want them on paper!:)
    I have learned that if I block out everything around me and keep marching ahead most of the time my writing will start flowing.

    Much Love & Many Blessings,
    ~Miss McKenzie Elizabeth~

  3. Nice to see a fellow-writer. :)I think what encourages me the most is knowing no matter how much my rough draft stinks, I can always go back and re-write and refine until my writing is the way I want it. Sometimes, you have to write a couple of lousy drafts in order to move the muck out of your head and write clearly.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Unfortunately, my book isn't published. Lord willing though, it will be in the next few years. For now, its still in the re-write stage. ;)

    Keep pressing on and thanks for stopping by!