The Crown that Lasts

8:53 AM

We were watching the men's Olympic swimming events the yesterday. We all cheered Micheal Phelps broke another world record and his tenth gold. We watched the incredible relay race which the Americans won and broke the world record by five whole seconds. As an American, I cheered on the Gymnast teamed and hoped that they would overcome all odds and win. Yesterday reminded me of something very important though; in our race of the faith, we are pursuing a crown that will last forever.

There is something wonderful about see your country's athlete on that gold stand winning another metal for your country, but that metal will one day collect dust and the athlete will be forgotten. We, as Christan however, are running the race of faith for a everlasting crown and all who believe will get that crown. Think about that. In the Olympics only one person gets the gold, but in the race of faith every one of us will get our crown.

All of this leads to a question; What are you and I doing to prepare ourselves for the rough part of the race? When we start loosing strength, do we know how to find more? Are we preparing ourselves that even when we receive an injury or come to what seems to be an overwhelming obstacles we, with God's help, can over come it? Are we spending some time every training our mind and heart to be more Christ like by praying and reading the Bible? Are we preparing ourselves so that we can the race well to the very end so that when we cross that finish line we can say with Paul; I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race and I have kept the faith.

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