Dare to be Different

8:59 AM

Dare to be different

Dare to take the path that few choose

Dare to put people before your plans for the day

Dare to put purity before being accepted

Dare to put holiness before coolness

Dare to put His way before your way

Dare to put His reputation before you rights as a citizen

Dare to put kindness before popularity

Dare to but modesty before being in style

Dare not to take offence when you are being teased

Dare to stand up for others even when it might cost you

Dare to choose loneliness over bad friends

Dare to work when others play

Dare to help clean up when others might laugh at you for doing it

Dare to be polite even when someone is being rude to you

Dare to be a woman belonging to God even when others only belong to ‘themselves’

Dare to be Different

By Sarah Holman. Originally publishing in Ladies in Waiting newsletter.

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