All About my Family

8:15 AM

According to the poll that we are taking right now, a lot of you want to hear more about me. So, today I will tell you about one of the biggest and most important things about me; my family.

I have the most wonderful parents in the whole world, who have encouraged me in all my undertakings such as this blog. I have four sisters that I have so much fun with every day though my sister Rose and I share a special bond. My parents did manage to add one brother to the bunch and he is our brave guy, killing all the spiders and other pests that came are way.

When we are out shopping people are always commenting that we seem to like each other and that we treat other so well in public. I always want to say that that is because we really do like each other and we really do get along in real life. We have so much fun together and we depend on each other. I thank God that he put me into this wonderful family

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