Dreaming Big

8:12 AM

When we are little, many of us dream of becoming astronauts, ballerinas, gold metal athletes, or actors. As we grow and mature though, we realize that many of those childhood fantasies will never be reality. We now dream of being wives, mothers, accountants and teachers. We have, what we call, realistic expectations of life, as we go to collage live quietly at home.

The more we grow up the smaller we dream. When the biggest dream in our life is to get a raise or go see a concert, I say that we are dreaming far to small. We serve an all powerful God, Our God is God over the impossible and yet all we dream for are small things.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that just because God can fulfill our dreams doesn't mean he will. I also understand that sometimes we have to set aside our dreams and live our lives, but sometimes, what we really need, is to sit and dream big dreams and see what God will do with them

My big dream is that one day, I will be a published author. I have written five books already, though none of them are published, and many articles. I can hardly wait to see what God will do with this gift of writing he gave me. What are your big dreams?

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  1. My biggest dream is to be a missionary in Tibeth

  2. Since you want to be a published author, you might find this site of interest:


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