The Adventure Continues

6:50 AM

Today is writing Saturday! I have been looking forward to sharing more about writing with you and getting your ideas and comments. Today’s topic is really a continuation of a post I did two weeks ago on my adventure in writing.

You will probably never see my first book in the book stores because it wasn’t that good, in fact, my first four books aren’t much to look at. My first ‘real’ book was I finished in December of last year and I am almost done with the sequel now. There is an interesting story here though that I would like to share with you. You see, I had read many introductions to book where the author said something along the lines of ‘this book wrote it’s self’ and I would laugh at that. You see, I always had complete control over my stories, they went exactly the way I planned them and they took work. I decided that books don’t write themselves, the author was just trying to sound dramatic.

As we young people who think we so much usily find out, I was wrong. I started writing my latest book which is a Si-Fi type book about a nineteen year old girl who over comes all odds to try to bring about change in a corrupt government. I felt as if I were taking the journey with Maria and had as much knowledge of the outcome of events as she did. It really did feel like the book wrote itself in the since that the finished product was different (In a good way) then I had originally planed.

I just wanted to tell those of you who are new to this blog that I don’t post on Sundays because my family has chosen not to turn on T.V. or computers on that day. I hope to see you all on Monday!

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