What we do with Time

8:03 AM

I hope that your Sunday was restful and brought you a little closer to our Almighty God. My Sunday was wonderful and I spent a lot of time with family and a lot of time working on cutting out a quilt.

As August draws to a close and September is just around the corner, I am again struck at how fast the time fly’s. It seems like only yesterday that the year 2008 started and yet here we are looking at the last few months of the year. Whenever I find myself thinking about how the fast time goes, I start thinking about how I spend my time.

Think about it, every day we spend some of our time doing useless things like watching movies, playing on the computer or even just letting ourselves be board. Those thi9ngs have there place (all expect the being board one) but what would happen if we just took a third of the time that we spent doing those things and turned them toward doing things like spending time with family, reading a non-fiction book, making something, or spending time with God? I think that we would be a lot happier and have a more fulfilling life.

So let’s try that today, let’s take the time we were going to spend watching that movie and use in to do something else more fulfilling.

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