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Welcome to August Amazingness! I did this for a couple of years and then...I didn't. I wanted to revive this event so we could have fun talking about the Tales of Taelis series, and have daily deals on my books. Today, I want to talk about what makes the Tales of Taelis series close to my heart.

It combines some of my favorite elements of youthful books. Medieval culture (in a non-magical fantasy setting), lots of adventure, answers to tough questions young hearts ask, and a dash of romance on occasion (but only a tiny bit). 

This was the kind of series I wanted at eleven. I was reading far above my grade level and I wanted something that matched my reading skill, dealt with real faith questions, and was also fun. When I couldn't find what I wanted, I started writing it. 

It has young characters. Sometimes, it's hard to find books with a solid faith element outside of the magical fantasy and romance genres where the characters are 11-15. I like creating young characters that people can relate to.

I loved creating a culture. Taelis is a fictional world with some fun aspects to their culture. Such as swords are almost always carried on their back, instead of at their side. There is a harvest song that often fills the capital city from morning until night during the harvest. I love putting in details like that. 

This series gives answers to questions I asked as a kid. So many of the books written for kids tell us not to lie, steal, talk dirty, or be mean. But I wanted stories that dealt with the heart of issues. So I wrote them. Like: How do you deal with a sibling who is just making you made? Is God okay with our grief? How do we forgive those who have hurt us? How are we to handle life's disappointments?

This series is dear to me, I'm looking forward to sharing more about it throughout the mouth. 

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