Rediscovering Emilie Barnes

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When I was in high school one of the things my Mom encouraged me to do is to study of homemaking. This included reading books on cleaning, budgeting, and homemaking as well as helping my mom in the home to use those skills. I personally got the most out of books by Emilie Barens. I loved her style, her practicality, and the beauty she infused into her words and home.

While I took so much of what I had learned from her in my high school years into adulthood, I hadn't thought much about her books again until recently. I wanted a devotional book to read and I found a copy of her book  Fill my Cup, Lord.

I was drawn into her beautiful, but also practical words in this devotional book. It made me want to delve back into her other books. I mean, this woman who loves tea, collects tea cups, and has so much practical wisdom is the kind of person I wish I could spend an afternoon with. So, I got on one of my favorite websites for used books ThirftBooks, and ordered a few of her works. My family also bought me a couple of her books for my birthday. So my collection has expanded a lot. 

15 Minute Home and Family Organizer is my current read by her at the moment, along with The Tea Lover's Devotional. Yes, some of the tips are a bit dated, but most of it is just as helpful today as it was when the book was written. Of course, the devotional and the biblical truths are just as applicable as when it was written (at it includes some pretty tasty recipes too).

Here are some of the books I'm looking forward to reading that I now own:

What is an author you've rediscovered? Have you read any Emilie Barnes books?

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