B is for Brothers

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Siblings. I personally adore my siblings. That doesn't mean that we've always gotten along perfectly, but I am close with all of them. We went through so much together, we have formed a close bond. Is it any wonder that siblings play a huge part in the tales of Taelis?

William and Eleanore are brother and sister in Adventures and Adverieites. They have lost their parents and pretty much everything else, but not their bond with each other.

John and Nathaniel, while technically cousins, they act like brothers. I had so much fun writing their friendship and banter in Brothers and Betrayal. They were a fun pair to write.

Bryon, Flora, and Eva, are three siblings who have to flee into the woods when tragedy strikes their home. The three of them have to overcome so much and they are some of the main characters in Brothers and Betrayal. 

Catherine, Christopher, Jacob, and Lily are four siblings that are sent with their mother to a castle in the mountains to keep them safe from a coming war. The two older siblings have a lot to learn about getting along and their aunt and uncle just might help them in learn Courage and Corruption.

Dresden and Dara are the brother and sister featured in Dreams and Devotions. They are separated by many miles, but they are both learning about doing what is right, even when it isn't easy.

I just love siblings!

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