H is for Hope

12:00 AM


Hope. Sometimes, it seems like there isn't enough of it. How do you find hope in tough situations?

Where is God when life is falling apart? Is He okay with my grief? That's what I talk about in Adventures and Adversities.

How do you forgive, or do the right thing, when everything seems against you? I explore that in Brothers and Betrayal.

How do you grow in maturity or deal with tough sibling relationships? Those are the topics in Courage and Corruption.

What do you do when all your dreams seem to be shattered and nothing will ever be right again? I look for the answers in Dreams and Devotion.

If you feel like you aren't worth anything or if you feel like you are so much better than everyone, how do you change how you view yourself? I delve into that in Escape and Endurance

Ultimately, I know that all hope is in Jesus. There isn't a problem that is to big for Him to handle nor a heartache that is to small for Him to notice. There is always hope because He is with us. 

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  1. Ooo, this is a great giveaway, Sarah! Thank you!

    I actually love one-word book titles… My favourite just might be my own, “Broken,” because I love how that wraps up 100% what the book is about :)