C is for Courage

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Courage is a pretty awesome word, isn't it?

I looked it up in the dictionary again for fun, and here is what it says:

Definition of courage:
mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

We all face situations for which we need courage. Often, we think of those moments as being big things like death, illness, war, or facing a giant or our greatest fear. But I think some of the hardest areas to display courage in are some of the everyday situations we face like:

~ Sticking to healthy eating choices, when we find it difficult.
~ Containing to try to work things out with that friend, even if we fear they aren't going to try as hard to make it work
~ Facing that danger of people who might hate us in order to life out the gospel or share it with others.

In Courage and Corruption, most of the courage needed is to deal with a troubled sibling relationship. Catherine and Christopher have fallen into fighting with each other. It takes a lot of courage for them to face their own problems and work through things together. 

What is an everyday challenge that you struggle to find courage for?

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