The Perfect Writer's Notebook

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You may have seen my review of the WriteMind Planner. Perhaps you also have seen an update or two about it either on this blog or on my Instagram feed. Well, I'm still using it, now more than ever. I invested in the WriteMind digital pages because I was using it so much. I use it every day. I love it because I can move things around, pull pages out, and put sheets in easily.

I've used it almost every day since the day I got it, I'd say it's held up well.

Earlier this year, I bought the prayer journal sheets. They've become some of my favorites. I use them for my morning devotional time.

On Sunday's I use these note-taking sheets. Yes, my handwriting is messy and I'm glad no one else has to get anything out of these notes.
I bought a fun pack of stickers from Hobbly Lobby to dress up every month this year.

My monthly sheet, dressed up with the cute stickers.

My weekly plans, including my writing word-count goals.

Of course, most of this book is taken up with sections on books I'm working on or planning on.

Here is some of the sheets I filled out for my recently finished novella, Fanny's Hope Chest

What kind of planner do you use?

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  1. Great post! I'm planning on doing a post or two later this year about how I use my WriteMind planner. I don't have all the pages you do, but it's fun looking at them. And I love how you decorated each month! Maybe I'll try that. :)