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This is not going to be one of my normal book reviews because this was not a normal book. This was a book that God brought along just when I needed it. I’m twenty-nine years old and my life is nothing like I thought it would be at this point. That isn’t to say I don’t love my life. I am so grateful for where I am and what God has allowed me to do. However, though the spirit is willing, my flesh is weak. This last week, discouragement has been pulling at me.

So many people, with the best of intentions, have questioned my choices in life. They ask questions that make me wonder if I missed something. After all, what if I am doing something to scare off the guys? What if I do need to get a real job? I’m still living at home, what happens if my parents die? You get the idea, I’ve been doubting just about everything. On top of that, this week as been pretty stressful.

I came home from work to find this book had been delivered. Having a million things that needed my attention, I sat on my bed and read the whole book. Now, I feel like crying, I probably will as I finish writing this review. The words of this book washed over me, lapped around my heart and soaked into my dry soul. I can, and do, trust God to write my story.

Many well-meaning people don’t and won’t agree with the choices that God has called me to make. The story He is writing in my life is not going to look like the American dream, it isn’t going to reflect my hopes because I have trusted Him to do something better, and that is never, ever a mistake.

This book touches on many aspects of life that we struggle to trust God with. Each chapter shares personal testimonies of God’s faithfulness. Here is my testimony (the shortened version):

I’ve always wanted to be a wife a mom. I’ve also felt God’s call to write. I published my first book when I was twenty-one and God has used my books to impact lives. In the last few years, I’ve gone through some very serious bouts of discouragement. Being in your late twenties and never having a guy shown any interest has taken its toll on my perception of my value. God used some wonderful people in my life to help me refocus my vision to where it should have been: on Him and what value He places on me.

This summer, my sales have dropped to almost nothing. Now, they’ve never been amazing, but that’s been okay with me. However, while it isn’t about the money, an author does like to make some right? I’m still struggling to trust that no matter what the numbers say, I’m to follow Christ’s call. This reminds me I can trust Him no matter what.

The biggest struggle I face has been a life long one. I’ve struggled with fatigue since my childhood. In my teens, it was debilitating. It slowly, and for no apparent reason, started getting better in my twenties. Yet, I still battle all the time with having the energy to accomplish what needs to get done. I don’t have answers for why I don’t think I ever will.

However, this book reminded me that I can trust God to use that part of the story for good. He wrote that plot twist into my life before the creation of the world. He knew exactly where it would take me and where it will continue to
take me.

My dear friend, if you are struggling to trust God with your story, you are not alone. I highly recommend this book to you. I pray it will bless your heart as it did mine.

I received this book from Moody Publishers for the purpose of writing a review. I was not required to write a positive review. All the thoughts expressed are my own.

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