Snippet Saturday: Ceaseless

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If you read the story before, share your thoughts on the scene. If you haven't read the book...Well, now you can try it out. Remember, all my books are free to read if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. This story is set during the fall, so I thought it would be perfect for today.

Alfred kept distance between himself and the rest of the group as they left Sittell Manor. He did not feel like listening to Matthew and Barnabas chat on as friends, and he did not want to hear Gavin add his own smug comments. It was not hard to stay away from the rest of the group; none of them seemed to miss him at all.
Alfred turned, and an older woman with white streaks in her brown hair ran toward him. He didn’t recognize her. If she wanted charity, she was coming to the wrong person. If she wished to complain about his mother or sisters, he would refuse to listen.
The woman stopped a few paces from him and covered her mouth with her hands, tears coming down her cheeks. Quickly, she removed her hands and spoke: “I feared I would never find you, or would not know you if I did.”
Alfred glanced around, but he was alone. Was the woman mad?
“You look just like your father, God rest his soul,” she crossed herself.
He wanted to run. He wanted nothing to do with the father that had abandoned him, his mother, and sisters. As if their reputation had not been bad enough before he left. No one wanted to be associated with them afterward. To think that a man would abandon a family was a horrible thing.
She smiled sadly at him. “Forgive me. I am sure you do not remember me. You were but a babe at the time they took you.”
He felt his brow furrow. What was she talking about?
“Did they tell you nothing? Did those you call Mother and Father now tell you that you were their child?”
Alfred took a step back, almost afraid of this woman. How could she know the story? Had his sisters planned this to mock him? He glanced toward some bushes, expecting to hear their cold giggling.
She moved toward him, withdrawing a leather string from around her neck. She held it out to him, and that is when he saw that a ring dangled from the end.

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