Product Review: WriteMind Planner

8:21 AM

Okay, so one of the most awesome birthday gifts I received this year was WriteMind Planner from my sister Mikayla. I have wanted one since they first came out but haven’t worked one into my budget. Now, I have one that was a gift. Pretty awesome, right?

The whole system is touted as being able to pull out and rearrange at will. I was a bit skeptical. I mean, the closest I have come to that is a three ring binder and I seem to have a talent for spilling the contents of those across my floor. This system really does work. Pages do not fall out but it super easy to pull them out, without tearing or pulling more than one, and put them back in again.

The plastic cover makes me not have to worry about water so much around it, as I'm spill-prone (okay, I admit, I’m a klutz). With a cover that I find very inspiring and cool, and movable tabs that match, what is not to love? With all the cool features, this has become my writing brain.

The Calendar

This has really helped me to visually keep up with my goals and how much I have been writing. I have pulled it out a few times to write on it and it works really well. I will be buying a refill for next year.

To Do List

I was really excited by the nice thick stack of these that came with the notebook. I love them and use them all the time.

Blog Post Ideas

I love this setup! It is an easy way for me not only to keep track of ideas (4 per sheet) but also helps me to keep track of where I am in the process.

Character, Setting, Story, and Scene Sheets

When I want to make a quick note or jot down an idea, these sheets have proved so helpful. Having spaces to fill in cuts down on my writing time, especially since I use it to write down those ideas that pop into my head when I should be doing other things (like editing).

Journaling Module

I am horrible at remembering to keep a journal, but I am finding that this is a good reminder to me to keep writing down my thoughts. I love again that there are places with spaces just to fill in so it takes some of the brain work out of it.

Blank Paper

Since I am using this as my catch all when it comes to writing, this was a must and I have used it so much. I am guessing that I will have to order more when I go to order my 2018 calendar.

Map Making

Okay, I am really excited about this! I have hand drawn a map of my world, Taelis, but I am looking forward to putting it on a much cooler map.

Over all, this is a writer’s dream planner. I highly recommend it. Not only are you getting a great product, but you are supporting a Christian homeschool mom. You can buy it here.

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