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I'm so excited to start this new feature! I'm going to start sharing bits from different books. If you read the story before, share your thoughts on the scene. If you haven't read the book...Well, now you can try it out. Remember, all my books are free to read if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Kate sucked in her breath as she stared at the charred shell of the administration building where she had once worked. The three-story building now looked like a pile of charcoal sticks. She glanced over at Patrick, who was busy talking with the police chief. Walking forward, she ducked under the crime scene tape, took a couple of steps, and peered down. She shivered. She could see straight down into the tunnel, full of debris and a thin layer of snow.
“Thank you, God,” she breathed under her breath. God had saved her that night. It also seemed he had heard her prayer and sent someone who had believed her. Didn’t she owe God a lot for just those two things?
“What are you doing? Get out of there!”
Kate turned toward the voice and saw a man in his mid-twenties with sandy brown hair and a day or two worth of facial hair growth. His brown eyes challenged her as he adjusted his felt hat.
“Are you deaf? I said get out of there!”
Kate turned toward the sound of crunching snow and was relieved to see Patrick jogging toward her.
“It’s okay, Thomas,” Patrick said, addressing the newcomer.
Thomas pointed to Kate, his nostrils flaring. “Okay? Look what side of the tape she is on, Patrick!”
Patrick opened his mouth but Kate interrupted him. “I came to see how extensive the damage was.” Kate looked around as if to prove her point. “What did they use? C-4?”
Thomas got in Patrick’s face and poked his chest. “Don’t tell her anything. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I get your drift,” Patrick said, taking a step back.
Kate ducked back under the tape and moved toward the two arguing men. “Why can’t you tell me what kind of explosives were used? If you could just give me the chemical analysis, I could figure it out for myself.”
Patrick’s eyes glanced between Thomas and Kate, as if trying to figure out who he was going to please.
Kate looked past him toward the science building, and her eyebrows knit together. “That is odd.”
Patrick turned his gaze toward the building. “What is it?”
“Two different explosives were used,” Kate stated matter-of-factly.
Thomas folded his arms across his chest. “How do you know that?”
Kate took a couple of steps toward the chemistry building. Its windows were blown out and some of the outside was scorched, but it still stood. “It doesn’t take an explosives expert to tell you that the explosives used in the chemistry lab were different than the other two buildings. I mean, look! The administration building and the lecture hall were completely destroyed and yet the chemistry building is still standing. From the outside one might think there had just been a fire, not a bomb.”
“It could be just that the firefighters got to that building a lot sooner. Are you sure you are innocent?”
Kate turned to Thomas and crossed her arms. “I am a chemical engineering major, with explosives training from the U.S. Military. Who are you?”
Patrick stepped between them. “Thomas, this is Kate Mayfield. Kate, this is Thomas Jefferson, a coworker.”
Thomas extended his hand but directed his words at Patrick. “Coworker? I’m his superior. A fact he would do well to remember.”
“Thomas Jefferson?” Kate raised her eyebrows.
“Yes, I am a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, the president.”
“A pleasure to meet you, Thomas, superior of the lowly Patrick.”
“Great, another sarcastic quick-wit,” Thomas said, rolling his eyes. “Just what I need in my life.”

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