Blankets, Bogaphies, and Fantasy books

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Welcome to my room! This is where I write, read, and sleep. Pardon my unmade bed, I am not very good at making it. As you can see, I have lots of blankets but allow me to show you two of my favorites. This is Big Fluffy:
This is fluffy, big, and warm. On many crisp mornings, I will wrap myself in Big Fluffy and cuddle a sibling while we sit on the couch. Another one I love is this lovely lap quilt that Mom and Dad made me.

On cool days, I will often wrap this around my lap as I read.

Top Five Favorite Biographies
A Chance to Die: One great woman writing about another. This may be a big, thick book, but it didn’t feel like it. The words are beautiful and draw you into the life of this flawed saint who was a powerful force for the kingdom of God.
Joseph: Yes, this is about a Bible character who happens to be my biggest hero. Joseph was one of those people who stood for what was right even when it cost him greatly. This biography was wonderful and never dull, 
John Adams: John and Abigail are two of my heroes. John Adams gave up so much so that our country is free today. This Biography was in-depth and never boring.
The Siege of Boston: This may not be a biography but this is a history book that is near and dear to my heart. It painted such a vivid picture that I felt prepared to write A Different Kind of Courage.
Dear AbigailWhile I did not appreciate a few of the opinions that the author tried to force into the book, this was a wonderful biography, told through the letters of Abigail Adams and her sisters. )

Top Five Favorite Fantasy
The Heart of Arcrea: This is my favorite fantasy series ever! This has lots of adventure, hint of romance, and a whole lot of quotable lines. It is devoid over magic and gore that seem to be the norm for the genre.
The Horse and His Boy: This book had a huge impact on me. While there are aspects I dislike about the Narnia book, God used this book in my life in a powerful way.) 
Resistance: This book and the series is also devoid of magic and is amazing in every way. I follow this series and the author closely. The characters are ones you can cheer for, inspire you, and also break your heart.
Truth: This book and series are wonderful, they are an allegory as well as an inspiration to live for God.
Annabeth’s War: This list would not be complete without this book, which feels more like history than fantasy. The characters are lovable. I loved how Annabeth was strong, capable, but also very girly.

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  1. I read "A Chance to Die" years ago and really enjoyed it!

  2. *goes to check out "A Chance to Die"*

    1. If we lived close to each other, I would lend you my copy.

  3. Thanks for the lists of your favorites. John and Abigail Adams favories of mine,too.

  4. Ah, I need to read John Adams! He is also one of my heroes! Despite the opinions expressed in Dear Abigail, is it worth the read? Thanks again for sharing!

  5. I adore fantasy books! I love the whole Narnia series, have "The Heart of Arcrea" on my to-read list, and am a huge fan of the Makilien Trilogy and Ilyon Chronicles. Annabeth's War is now on my extensive TBR list.

    I also added A Chance to Die to my TBR list!

  6. Ohh....these books sound really interesting! Adding 'em to my to-read list! :)

  7. Those blankets look so cozy! *runs off to find The Heart of Acrea*

    1. Yes, find it and the others in the series. They are so amazing.

  8. I love "The Horse and His Boy"!