The Project that Shouldn’t be

6:51 PM

He laid a project on my heart. It wasn’t a project that I had ever thought about or would have considered writing on my own. But the idea would not leave me alone. If an idea will not leave me alone, that usually means it is not from me, but inspired by God.

“I’m not old enough,” I argued. This book would be for older singles, and at 26, I do not feel I fall into that category.

“Write it,” the still, small voice in my heart whispered back.

“I am very happy being single. Shouldn’t you pick someone less content?”

“Write it.”

“What about my other projects? My plans?”

I think I just heard a laugh in reply.

I have been working on it. I have the introduction and two chapters for my latest book which I am titling But I'm Still Single. However, it isn’t my book. It was my book, but now it isn’t.
It is our book.

I posted on Facebook and a fellow writer Rebekah Snyder saw the post. One thing led to another and we are working on the book together. It will be our book as we both feel like this is something that God has placed in our hearts.

This book shouldn’t be one I am working on, but it is. God has not only laid it on my heart, but brought another author with the same heart along. I look forward to laboring alongside Rebekah in the coming months as well as sharing updates with you.

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  1. This is so exciting! I look forward to reading it. ;) And I love what you said here:

    "'What about my other projects? My plans?'

    I think I just heard a laugh in reply."

  2. I'm excited to hear more about this project!! :)

  3. This new project sounds amazing. I think that it's exciting how God brought two young authors together to work on this project, which I'm sure will be a blessing to many others. :)