Worst Moment or Finest Hour (part 1?)

9:23 AM

I am not a fantasy fan. I don’t really like strange creatures, and I have a lot of trouble with good guys using magic and having strange powers. However, I do have one confession to make; I like most of the Chronicles of Narnia. You see, I grew up watching the old BBC version The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and my dad read us most of the series out loud to us one year. I have so many good memories of those evenings we spent in C. S. Lewis’s Narnia that I am very fond of most of the books.

One book from the series always stands out to me from when my dad read it to us, and that was The Horse and His Boy. I loved the story of a talking horse and the boy Shasta and their adventures as they make their way toward the land of Narnia. I still can see the mental pictures I painted when my dad first read it to us.

One of the scenes that stood out to me was the one where Shasta is in the mountains. He is cold, hungry and is feeling very sorry for himself. All the excitement from his adventures has worn off, all the thankfulness he felt for reaching the king in time is overshadowed by his loneliness, and he had completed his mission, so there was nothing left that he had to think about.

Aslan comes to him, and Shasta tells him his life story and is bemoaning about all the unfortunate events of his life from when he was a baby till that day. He echoed how I have felt many times when he said everything always works out well for other people but not for me.

Aslan then goes one by one through his list of complaints and tells him “I was behind this all the time; I was working it out for your good.” This reminded me that God does the same thing with my list of complaints. He doesn’t see my life the way I see it. When I see an injustice or something gone wrong, he sees a chance, an opportunity for me to grow. When I am struggling though something and I see it as my worst moment, he sees it as my finest hour.

Well, I never meant this post to get so long, though I feel like I could keep writing, so there will probably be a part two sometime. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is good! I am definitely not a fan of magic and sorcery, but this series is about good vs. evil, and is an awesome picture of life and the way God is with us always.

  2. Good post Sarah! I too like Narnia, not that I like magic, or sorcery. But I love the story that it portrays.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Great post Sarah! I couldn't have said it better myself. You did a great job. It encouraged me.