Adventure Between the Pages: For Keeps

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*Review written in 2014*
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Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for mild romance, reading level
Best for Ages: 13 and up
Description: Her first six months of "motherhood" included an ant infestation, a major move, house renovation, and lessons in how to be a mom to eight lively children. Now that the house is nearly complete, her children are headed back to school, and she has a few tantrums under her hymn-singing belt, Aggie is certain life will settle down. Poor Aggie... William makes his intentions known, Luke and his mother are always there for her, and between a new kitten, a box full of puppies, and chicken pox, Aggie's home begins to resemble the local zoo! Her children keep testing the waters, the unrealistic budgets she makes refuse to balance, and she learns that life with children means that nothing stays done and perfect for long. Add Geraldine and her histrionics to the mix and it's no wonder she's ready to run away from home. When a surprise letter arrives, everything could turn upside down. Relief is in sight, but can she bring herself to jump to plan B? Has this just been a practice game, or is she playing for keeps? Will her household shrink drastically, or will it expand?

It took me long enough to read the second book in the Aggie’s Inheritance series, but I am so glad I finally made the time for it. It was even better than the  first book.

Watching as Aggie deals with school and chicken pox, as well as her own romantic life, was so enjoyable. Yes, at times the story can seem a bit slow or Aggie’s whining becomes a bit much, but it was still wonderful.

As the romance develops, I especially enjoyed seeing how Aggie explains things to Vannie and how she makes the right decisions. I also love the part in this story where Aggie explains the difference between doing something (such as wearing skirts, or saving your first kiss for your wedding day) can be a wonderful standard to have, or a legalistic tool to make you look more spiritual.

One of the things I loved best about these books is that each of the kids is different, and it really shows in the book. Sometimes, when writing about large families, the kids all come out sounding the same. Havig did a great job of making them each sound different.

I highly recommend this book for those who enjoyed the first book, love god-honoring romance, and stories about ordinary people.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book too for all the same reasons you did. ;)