Return of the Holman Writing Adventure

4:17 PM

"I have always believed that God’s greatest gifts were the ones given to people whose hands remained outstretched toward Him, even when all the wisdom of this world says it is foolishness."
~King John of Taelis
Courage and Corruption

I don't know about you, but August was a busy month for me. Now, I am excited to get back to sharing my writing journey with you.

Here are my goals for September:

~ Prepare Courage and Corruption (Tales of Taelis book 3) ready for an early October release.
~ Publish short stories 2 and three in the Tales of Taelis series
~ Finish writing Laughter
~ Edit D&D
~ Start writing F&F

Yeah, between that and the classes I am taking, I will have no time to get into trouble.

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