Writing Saturday: F is for The Feudal System

1:00 AM

The feudal system is one of the defining elements of the Middle Ages. As my upcoming book, Adventures and Adversities is set in the Middle Ages, have have done a lot of research about the time period. Here is a simple break down of the feudal system. 

Had absolute power

File:Kale Görüntüsü.jpg
Lives in a castle gives lands to the Lords.

Lived in a manor house

File:Codex Manesse (Herzog) von Anhalt.jpg
Horse riding soldiers and land owners.

File:Peasants breaking bread.jpg
Farmed the land rented to them. Also did other work.

Pictures from Wikipedia Commons 

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  1. I think I have learned about the Feudal System before. Must have been hard for the people on the bottom :-(


  2. Looks great Sar! Can't wait to read this one and see how you used this in your book!

  3. Nice summation of the feudal system, Sarah! I've been doing some research on 12th century England's political world, and boy was that a confusing time!
    But I think you've left the Freemen out of the list. Remember in Ivanhoe how that one fellow really, really wants to be a free-man, and his companion says "Why would you want to freeze in your own hut? Much better to rely on the lord's household and have your fortunes buffered." I really enjoyed that aspect of the book, gave a perspective of the time.
    Anyway, good recap!