Adventure Between the Pages: The Story of the Voice

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Age Appropriate For:  All Ages
Best for Ages:  12 and up for reading level
Description: Step into the story behind "the story." Discover the reasons behind and the vision for The Voice translation! In-depth interviews with key participants explain the translators' motivations and visions for the project. Learn how the translators worked to bring a balance between scholarship, literary style, and forward thinking to meet the scripture needs for the church.

The Voice Bible has become my favorite version to read. I feel like I am reading the stories for the first time, because they have translated it into a vocabulary that is still rich and expansive, but also commonly used. So when I had an opportunity to read this book about the making of the voice, I was happy.

Unfortunately, not all books live up to our expectations. This book, at least for me had poor formatting, short bios on people I wasn’t sure even matter to the project, and lacked a good storyteller that I was expecting. I had to force myself to keep reading at times because it was just plain boring.

With that said, there was some good information in here. They explained why they translated certain words and phrases the way they did. It made me feel even better about the translation than I did before.

If you are interested in The Voice Bible and how it was made, this is a good book. Just don’t expect a very exciting book. This is more informational then a story.

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I received this book from Thomas Nelson through Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are entirely my own.

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