Finds of the Week

9:14 AM

How to Be Feminine: 10 Secrets
~a wonderful article~

Sharing Our Bookshelves @ In the Bookcase

You might be a Writer if...
~fun list~

Beautiful and Ugly
~wonderful reminder~


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  1. Thanks for sharing these links. The Disney boyfriend has so many true points, lol. I also like the Beautiful and Ugly post :-)


  2. I love them. :) Thanks for the smile today. :)

  3. I enjoyed the post about femininity too. I tend to like that sort of thing anyway, but I really liked how creative this post was, especially the bit about being maternal. Also the Disney post ... on my ... I DO kind of like Prince Philip's smile. But does everything sound better in British? Hmm ... said in British ... I'll have to think about that for just a moment! :) Thanks for sharing, Sarah! :)

  4. I went to all of these places, then bookmarked almost every one! :o ) My favorites were the You Might Be A Writer if... and Sharing Our Bookshelves. I liked How To Be Feminine: 10 Secrets.