DC trip Day 3

1:00 AM

Day three in DC was by far our longest and most filled. I will let the pictures tell the story.

All us kid in Union Station (where we parked every day)

When waiting to cross a street is a great time for a photo

The FBI building! We were so excited about this because we are all huge Sue Thomas: FBEye fans.

The flags are so cool. Each on is different. You can follow the flag back through history.

The really cool FBI seal

The National Archives where we got to see the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Magna Carta

Did I mention my brother had a word with the president? 

The National Portrait gallery was awesome. We got to get close to some of the more famous paitings.

Me and one of my heros

The little women with the author of Little Women

The White House (and the whole family together)

The Lincoln memorial

View from the Lincoln memorial

World War II memorial is very powerful

Each star = 100 who died to give us freedom

Vietnam memorial

Photo of front of the capitol 

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  1. "The little women with the author of Little Women." Lol, that is cool.


  2. Wow, Sarah! This is so neat!
    Love the pictures ;o )

  3. I forgot to mention that my siblings and I really liked the face your brother is making at the President. ;o )