Labor Day

1:25 PM

Good day everyone!

I hope that you had as fun of a Labor Day as I did. We invited several families to come spend the day with us, and three of them came. A dear friend of my sister Rose is getting married, came with her family in the morning along with her intended. We spent all morning and well into the afternoon helping her plan her reception

In the afternoon another family arrived that we have known for a while. They have a four year old that attached herself to me for most of the rest of their stay. I spent almost an hour holding her in my lap while I tried to do a few things, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Around four, the coach for Michael’s basketball team arrived with his family. They have three boys and no girls so I was prepared to go inside and find something to do when someone suggested that we play volleyball. This family stayed to just past ten at night playing various games together. It was like having three more younger brothers around.

This extended weekend has not all been fun and games however. On Saturday night our dog died, which was very sad. None of us got to bed until very late and we didn’t sleep well. On Sunday we were all so tired that we didn’t feel like doing anything, but God had different plans. We got another dog (pictures coming soon), and a family we know called us because their car broke down, so it was another late night. As you can see, it as been a mixed weekend.

What has been going on with you?

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