Fall has reached Texas!

1:26 PM

I feel so good this morning!  A cold front came through last night and the temperature dropped into the 50’s.  It is supposed to stay in the low 80’s today giving us a welcome reprieve from the heat and humidity.  It also gives me a reprieve from the mold and other allergens that give me so much trouble.

I worked in the garden for most of the morning planting peas, lettuce, and making ready for the rest of our fall garden.  We are already enjoying cucumbers, very small tomatoes (they are supposed to be big but we can’t seem to), peppers, and various herbs.  I can hardly wait to have the fresh peas, lettuce and other goodies.

This week has been busy but good.  Mom and Dad spent a couple days in San Antonio for their anniversary, I got a haircut (pictures coming soon), my older sister came down for a visit, and I spent one evening watching my brother practice with his basketball team.  Yes, it was a little tiring but the cold front has left me feeling invigorated.

How has your week been?

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  1. It's fall here in Arkansas, too! I love crisp weather... :-)