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2:48 PM

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, I wanted to stay in and sleep the morning away. However, there are lots of thing that I need to get done, not the least of which is write this blog post.

My family had yet another wonderful Sunday. We spent over an hour discussing stories from the book of Matthew and how they applied to our lives. I learned a lot, and have a lot of things to mull over. I love it when our family spends time in deep discussions; I learn so much.

As for this coming week, we have a lot on the schedule. A local thrift store that we work at sometimes is finally getting the makeover it so desperately needs. We will be spending a good part of this week helping them. I am also gearing up to go to a political convention later next week.

Do you have any plans for your week?

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  1. I sure wanted to sleep in this morning, too! Sounds like a busy week for ya'll. This week we're getting M. packed up to head to Virginia for the national homeschool speech tournament! Her dad is driving her and S. up there and J. and I will be staying home since I am due with his baby brother in 5 weeks!
    Enjoyed hearing what's going on with ya'll--take care and say hi to your mom and everyone from us :)

  2. Not much. Just alot of gardening! :D