Writing Saturday; Accountability and Encouragement

11:45 AM

As all you authors know, there are times when you know that you should write, but you just don’t want to. We also all go through times when we could use some words of encouragement. Recently I was talking to two friends of mine via Facebook who were having the same problem. So, we decided to do something about it.

We formed a closed group that we get on every day (well, almost) and post something that we have written and our word count. I have written almost 10,000 words since we started the group about a month ago. I also think that the thought that I will be sharing some of my work has helped the quality of my writing.

So, what about you? Are you feeling bogged down? Is it hard for you just to sit down and write? Do you feel like you could just use someone to say that your work is good every once in a while? Well, here are some ideas.

1. Maybe get one or two good writing friends and start a group. Make the goal to post something on there every day.

2. If you have just one good friend who writes, talk to them about becoming writing buddies. E-mail each other things that you have written, and encourage each other to keep writing.

3. Set goals for yourself and ask someone in your family or church to ask you if you are meeting your goals on a regular basis.

4. Give a copy of what you have written to a good friend as ask them what they think about it.

Do you have any wonderful ideas on how to keep you and your fellow writers accountable and give them encouragement?

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