Happy Birthday too…

9:45 AM

The Destiny of One blog! Today marks two wonderful years of blogging. I want to take a moment and thank a few of my fellow bloggers who have kept me blogging.

Jessica and Rachel from Young Homemakers; If I had known I would make friends like you, I would have started blogging years ago. Thank you for the encouragement you have been in my life.

Arianna; I have been so blessed to know you. You have become a good friend to me even though you live on another continent. Thank you for your help in my writing and for all the times you have made me smile.

R. J. form Virtuous Girlhood; your comments, e-mails, and words of encouragement always seem to come at just the right time.

To all of my followers; Wow! Who would have thought I would ever read 51 followers? Not me. Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. Aww, I was just coming on here to thank YOU for your blog and congratulate you...when I read that! :) You are such a sweetheart. :) Hugs! Yes, true...we all should have started blogging a loooong time ago! ;) HeHe!

    It's been such a joy for me to be able to get to know you this year especially Sarah and grow together and work together on MOHL. :) You have become such a dear friend! :D It's always fun to have a quick chat with you from time to time on FB too. ;)

    Congrats on your second year of blogging! :D Wow! That is wonderful! :D I pray that God will give you many more blessed years of blogging here and continue to use you and your writings for His glory my dear! :)

    With all my love,

  2. Awwww, you are so sweet Sarah! :) Congratulations! I love your blog!

    Love in Christ,

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