6:26 PM

Today I have been busy picking up my room and packing. There is something so exciting about putting things into bags finally. I guess that that is when a trip starts to become less of an idea and more of a reality. When you are putting the clothes in your bag that is when it really hits you that you are really going.

I still have a skirt that I need to mend for tomorrow; that is what I will probably do after I finish this post. I also have a few last things that I need to collect and put into my bags, and I need to finish cleaning my room.

One of the things that my mom has managed to pass on to all of us is the ability to pack light. Other than my purse and lunch box, I will only be taking two bags, and one of those is my small blue toiletry bag. If I had been packing in a suitcase instead) of my carpet bag, I probably would have been able to put the blue bag in with my clothes.

Well, I will post tomorrow from Dallas!

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  1. Boy, it sounds like you've been very busy this week! I've always liked packing up my bags when we go on trips! It's a lot of fun! :) Have a safe one!!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Have a good trip my dear! :D Safe travels! :)

    Yes, packing light is of my skills. ;) Lol! I always pack extra things that may or may not end up being used (such as sunscreen, or tapes for the family to listen to in the car, an extra shirt "just in case" etc.). ;) Lol!

    Love and Hugs!!!

  3. Haley: I agree! Packing up my bags is fun too!

    Sarah: Keep posting! I love reading your posts! Have fun! Glad to hear that you can pack light. I can't! :D