A Week in the Life of Sarah; Monday

7:30 AM

This week I would like to take you along with me. You see, some of my family is going to head to Dallas for the Republican State convention. I am going as a volunteer and an alternate and my brother is going as a page. I have gone to the past two state conventions as a page. I have always had a blast.

Now, before you un-bookmark my blog because of my political views, please wait. I do not believe that the Republicans are the answer to everything, nor am I overly passionate when it comes to politics. I enjoy working political conventions and such with the understanding that true change will come not through a political party, but through the winning of the hearts and minds of people to Christ.

Today begins the preparation the leave on Thursday for Dallas. Today, I will work hard to finish up several projects so that they won’t be lying around all weekend. I also am making up some of our lunches for while we are there. I will give you an update on what I’m doing each day. See you tomorrow.

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