Writing Saturday; Answer time

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Thank you all for your great questions! Here are my answers

Jessica, You asked what some of the values/morals that I strive to show and put into my writing and why are they are so important to me. This is a great question and one that I will really enjoy answering. The reason I started writing was that I was disappointed in the books I was reading. Not that I was reading anything bad, but the older I got the fewer book I wanted to read because, other then fantasy, which I have never really liked, most other books were full of shallow romances and had a sad lack in godly characters. I wanted to write books that I wanted to read.

The most important thing that I wanted my writing to reflect was my faith in a living Savior who was everything to me. I wanted characters that were more worried about following God than getting the good-looking guy. I wanted characters that did what was right, no matter the cost, rather than see how close they could come to sin without actually sinning. And I wanted characters who had God as a part of their everyday lives and didn’t just call on him when they needed help.

Some of the other things that I wanted to show through my writing and characters is what guy-girl relationships should be like, not based on emotion but on a belief that both are going in the same direction in life and have the same values; Siblings can and should be best friends, marriages should be strong and lasting, and, in the end, doing what is right always is a better choice, even it is the hardest thing to do.

What makes a good book or story? A good plot with characters that the readers can identify with (I think I will talk about that more next week).

Earwen, the main way I come up with names for people is by keeping a good baby name book handy. These can be found at resale shops easily and they aren’t very expensive. As for places and things, I keep my ear wide open for cool names and sometimes make up my own.

Alli, No, I have not written any poems or songs but I have a sister who writes both and does a great job. Keep up writing yours, even if you never become a singer. Remember also that your mom and dad are doing what they think is best for you and even if you don’t think so now. One day you will probably thank them.

Arianna, the POV that I have used so far is third person, but I am planning to do some first person POV books in not too long. As for your other question, if I had ever written a story set in another country or time period, I have yet to write a book that is set in the present. My first three fiction book were set in the Middle Ages and the book I am working on right now is a Si-Fi.

Thanks for all your great questions. We will have to do this another time

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  1. Neato! Thanks for answering our questions Sarah. Those were some great questions everybody! I enjoyed this post immensely!

    In Christ,

  2. Good answers for good questions. =) I love the middle ages setting! Btw, don't know if you just haven't had the time, but I still don't have your e-mail address to send you an invite! Anyway, just wanted to make sure you know this so that you don't think I'm snubbing you. God bless and write, write, write!