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I love to teach; I have ever since I can remember. I used to take the work sheets that my mom didn’t need and use them to teach my younger siblings, before I was even seven. Maybe that is why some of my siblings have trouble with math (giggle).

What brought this up? Well, I am in charge of my eleven-year-old sister’s school, and I am busy today planning out a study on the Middle Ages. I love doing the planning and helping her to learn in fun ways. The Middle Ages have been one of my favorite time periods to study - all those knights, fair maidens, and beautiful castles fascinate me. It is so fun to be able to pass on my love of the time to my younger siblings.

My favorite subject to teach is history but I love helping her with other things as well. For writing and grammar we write back and forth to each other in a note book, and that is a lot of fun. Mom does Bible and science with them. So that leaves me with math, spelling and any other areas of study we want to pursue. I must admit one thing though; I could live without the math part. I never have liked math, nor have I been particularly good. I am thankful for work books and a math major dad who always helps us when we get stumped.

Well, I guess that is a long enough post. Have a great day!

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  1. He He! I don't like math either...in fact, I am really bad at it! The only thing I can seem to remember is fractions and measurements because those are the things I use for cooking and sewing! Lol! Other than that, I have a hard time with it...I just can't hold all those figures and rules in my brain! =;) That is great that you are able to teach your siblings. I tried to teach my brother's on several occasions and we just ended up fighting or having problems with getting things accomplished.