Passover at last

12:23 PM

Tomorrow is Passover and I am exited! My older sister, Nicole, will be coming with her husband and two kids, as well as two other families that we wanted to share it with. It is always a great time of fellowship, fun, and learning.

As I sit here thinking about all the Passovers that I can remember, it just makes me thankful that my Mom puts so much work into this every year. It takes a lot of work to make the special food and activities that we do and my mom has done it faithfully ever since I can remember.

All of our parents work hard to do special things for us, but how often do we thank them? As for me, I would like to say thank you Mom, for everything that you have done to make this holiday special. I can never tell you in words what a deep impact in my life you and Dad have made in teaching us about God in fun yet meaningful ways, like Passover. Thank you!

To all my readers; let’s take the time today to tell someone we love thank you today.

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