What is going on today?

9:20 AM

What is going on today? That is a good question, and I am so glad you asked, because there are two things I want to tell y'all about (I love using the word y'all).

I posted the first devotional on Meditations of His Love! I encourage you to start making MHL part of your daily quiet time. With all the different girls who will be writing, there will be at least one that will touch your heart. For the next three weeks we will be talking about women of the Bible. I will be doing a three part series on Martha, the sister of Lazarus.

On the subject of my life, today my siblings and I are going to shop for our mom’s birthday gift. Her birthday is on May fourth, and we like to get our shopping done early. We have a pretty good idea what we want to get her, but since my mom is a faithful reader of this blog, we guys will have to wait until the fifth probably to find out what it is.

So, what is going on in your life today?

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  1. Hi Sarah! You wrote a great post on MOHL! I am so blessed to be able to write along side you and to be friends with you! =:)

    I am working on some posts (one of which is for MOHL) and that is about all. Pretty quiet here today...and raining.

    Good luck finding something for your mom! I hope you are able to find just what you want! =:)


  2. well, I'm working on a cross stitch bookmark, checking email, working on blog stuff. The usual. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Happy birthday to your mom! I am sure you and your siblings will make her birthday special!

    In Christ,