Writing Saturday: H is for Harold

1:00 AM


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Age: Middle-aged man

Occupation: Captain in the service of the king

Best friends: Maggie, the head cook at the king's castle

Greatest sorrow: The loss of his wife and daughter

Greatest joy: Seeing Maggie from time to time

A piece of his tale: “Well, if it isn’t Captain Harold. Back already from Lord Sittell? I thought that he would give you a hard time taking the dues owed the king.”
Alditha raised her head to see a middle aged man dressed in clothes that reminded her of Lord Sittell’s personal servants standing at the gate.
Captain Harold pulled back on the reins of his horse and raised his hand for the rest of the company to stop. “That is why they sent me to collect them, Bane.” Captain Harold’s tone was cool.
A cocky smirk appeared on Bane’s lips. “Yes, you always did have a knack for those things. And here I thought running the castle was an important job. Well, do you need some help getting them all where they need to be?”
Captain Harold’s horse stamped impatiently, mirroring his masters own expression. “I know where to deliver them. I have five men here to work on the castle, and one family is here to work in the fields.”
Bane shook his head and let out an exaggerated sigh. “That is where you would be wrong. All of them are heading to the fields. The king is very anxious that the rains will come before the harvest is complete. I told you that you did not know everything.”
Despite the condescending tone he had just been addressed in, Captain Harold stayed placid. His horse took as step forward, but with a quick jerk of the reins the horse stilled. “I have a girl that was supposed to work in the kitchens. She can be of no use in either the fields or in building the walls.”
Alditha held her breath as Bane’s eyes searched the peasants, resting for a moment on her before returning to Captain Harold. 

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