A Late Blog Anniversary

8:37 AM

Because of everything that has been going on I didn’t post on my blog for my ninth year of blogging. It is pretty awesome to see that I have been able to keep up this blog for this long. Twenty-seven years of life and nine of them have been somewhat chronicled on this blog.

I started this blog on the day I turned eighteen.

Now I am twenty-seven
I started this blog as an aspiring author with a couple of articles published
Now I am about to publish my tenth full-length book
I’m truly blessed with all that God has allowed me to do through this blog and my life. I pray that the next nine years are even better.

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  1. Huge congrats and HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY to you!!! :D You've come so far and I'm SO impressed with all your writing and books and journey! I'm so happy to be along for this ride as your friend. <3 Wishing you the best in your coming years of blogging, writing, and life! ^_^

  2. Congratulations on your ninth blog anniversary. May you have many more. Good luck with your new book. God Bless you and yours.