Writing Saturday: G is for Glenda

1:00 AM

This week I have been busy editing my book. I am hoping to release it in August. Allow me to introduce another character from the story. Meet Glenda.

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Age: Late teens

Occupation: Kitchen servant

Best friend: None

Greatest sorrow: All the work she has to do

Greatest joy: Proving she is better than the other kitchen girls

A piece of her tale: “At least your arms have recovered from your first day,” Eleanor whispered as she grabbed two buckets and an apron.
Alditha nodded gratefully, as she tied on her apron. “I’m just glad that I haven’t had to carry that much water by myself again.”
“Not that it would hurt you both any to do extra work.”
Alditha and Eleanor turned to see the pinched face of Glenda. Alditha set her lips together firmly. She had learned quickly that Glenda seemed to make it her mission to bother all the other kitchen girls. Glenda would wait until Maggie was out of the sight or ear shot to make their lives miserable, avoiding trouble herself. Alditha noticed that she seemed to love to torment Eleanor the most.
“Don’t you have some pots to scrub for talking back to Maggie?” Eleanor’s words were sharp.
Clamping her hand firmly on Eleanor’s shoulder, Alditha lifted her chin. “Excuse us, Glenda. We have work to do.” She pushed Eleanor ahead of her as they started for the door.
“I hope you have to haul water all day.”
Eleanor’s shoulder tensed under Alditha’s hand. She tugged but Alditha kept a firm grip.

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  1. She doesn't sound like a very nice character. Wonder what her back story is?


  2. Wow, this sounds so neat so far Sarah!!! :o D
    I can hardly wait to read it when it comes out!

  3. This sounds really good so far!