DC trip Day 7

1:13 PM

We got up early and headed to the National Zoo. The wolves were so cool.

The wolves were cool, but my brother is even better. Too much awesomeness in one photo.

Sea Lions! I haven't seen any in a long time. They were my favorite at the San Antonio zoo until they got rid of them.

This Sea Lion loved our little suffed dog

I am so happy to be there

Pretty cool, no?

Yes, I have great looking siblings

We had to see the Pandas

I fell in love with the Red Panda

Isn't he cute?

Next stop was the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

I have to say, this was the most emotional stop for me.

We made a brief stop to see the Atlantic Ocean.

It was fun. I had only seen the Gulf before this. I can't say they are much different.

My brother loved this stop best of all.

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