Writing Saturday: A Bit of Inspiration #7

1:00 AM

For me, one of the most powerful fiction books ever has been The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis. The reason? At a time when I was angry and wasn't using the Bible, God met me in the book I was reading; The Horse and His Boy. My favorite part is the point in the book when Shasta tells Aslan all that has gone wrong  in his life. Aslan turns around and tells him why each of those things were blessings in disguise.
Someday, I want to write a scene like this in my book.

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  1. Love this, Sarah! It's really amazing how a story can touch you, and C.S. Lewis just had that special knack to write stories that do just that. The Horse and His Boy is one of my favorite Narnia tales.

  2. I was just talking about how The Horse and His Boy was a story of salvation on my blog the other day. It's my favorite book in the series, the only one that's pure Narnia.