My Plans for 2024

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This year has started off very differently for me. Usually, I sit down in November or early December and plan out goals for the next year. This year, the calendar had already flipped to 2024 before I sat down and figured out what I wanted to accomplish this year. I had hoped January would be full of writing and so far, I have done very little (besides this blog, which I'm very happy to be getting back to). It makes me question if I can make my goals for the year, but, here is to better writing days ahead.

Finish the Kate's Case Files Series. 
With one book ready to edit and the last book partially written, this should be a fairly easy goal to obtain, it just requires some discipline. I want my fans of this series to see this series reach completion.

Publish some new short stories.
I have a short story I wrote years ago for Pentecost I want to publish this year, as well as a couple others I'd like to write and share. I would love to have some newer short stories to share with all of you.

Go back and edit some of my old work.
When I started my publishing journey. I didn't realize how badly I needed a professional editor. I had some great people that helped me catch typos, but it wasn't enough. Beginning this year, I'm planning on going back and getting everything that hasn't gone through professional editing through that process. A few books might get new covers too. To get through everything, it might take a couple of years (unless I start selling a lot more and faster) but I'm excited to get rid of those typos.

Figure out what to do with my social media.
Some of you may have read my blog post a few months ago. I just hit a wall when it came to book promotion. Social media has moved to be almost exclusively about short videos, which I'm not good at. I am a writer, not a videographer. I want to decide what I should spend my time on. The one thing I have firmly decided on is returning to blogging, hopefully at least twice a week.

Finish up those crafting projects.
Not related to writing, I have a lot of half-finished crafting projects around the house and I'm tired of them cluttering up my house and life. So this year, I am either finishing them up or getting rid of them. I'm looking forward to lots of fun crafting as well as cleaning out some space.

What are your goals for the coming year?

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  1. Best wishes on all your goals this year! I'm especially excited for more Kate books. :) My goals include wanting to get back to writing, and getting back to enjoying reading just for fun again.

    1. Reading for fun is so important! I hope you find lots of awesome books!

  2. All the best for '24, Sarah <3 I feel you on Social Media!