DC trip Day 8

1:00 AM

We were all so excited. On our way home, we got to go see the Creation Museum! We had seen concept drawings for it in 2004. To get to see it built was amazing!

Outside, ready to go in.

The exhibits were amazing!

You felt like you were really in the place they were talking about.

They had some awesome stuff

My favorite part was all the life sized wax figures and scenes they had.

The movies they had throughout, though not long, were so well done.

tunnel of lights

In Eden


Eating the fruit

The first sacrifice 

Adam working the ground for food.

Noah's ark diorama 

Entering the Bable

So pretty!

I loved this fountain


They're not real, silly ;)

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures from my trip! Normal blog posts will resume next week.

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  1. What?! I was just there ten days ago! We went there on our vacation too! :) My sister bought the soundtrack of all the music in the movies and playing throughout the building. Totally epic!

  2. Oh...the Creation Museum! I've been there twice, and wish I could go again. :) They have SO much stuff there, it takes several days to take it all in! :)